How To Rewrite An Article In Your Own Words?

07/21/2021 12:00 AM by Admin in Article rewriter

10 Best Tips For Rewrite Any Article From Other Website

Article writing is a major part of blogging and it takes a long time to write a good quality article. When you write an article you have to take a look at many things. such as quality of the content, article heading, article sub-heading, related infographic of your article, keywords of your article, internal linking, Dexter resources, and many more. I will explain all these topics in detail. Please read carefully

How To rewrite Article

1. Copy The Idea But Not The Article

When you want to write an article then you have to keep in mind that you have to write the article in your own words. So if you don't have any idea about your article so you can copy the idea from another website but you should not copy the article from another website. 

Because google algorithm is very smart and they update their algorithm frequently so google can easily catch from where you pick the article and if do so then your article is not ranked and maybe the site is banned by google.

2. Rewrite The Paragraph Not Sentence

When you copy the idea then you can copy the paragraph idea and write the paragraph in your own words. Don't rewrite the sentence by sentence then you may be caught by search engine websites. So copy the idea or what write in the paragraph but not copy the whole paragraph line by line.

3. Read The Article Many Times

IF you don't understand how to write the content about then you should the source content many times. When you read the content many times then you get an idea about the article then you can write the article in your own words. You should read similar content from different websites and read this content.

4.Add Heading And Subheading

When you write the article then you should keep in mind that add the proper heading and proper sub-heading into the proper place. When you place the heading and sub-heading in the right place then your content readability will be increase and besides this content engagement will be increased.

5. Use Image And Infographic

The image plays an important role in your article so you should add an image to your article in the proper sections then it will help you to create engagement in your blog post. To create an image and infographic for your blog post and place the right image in the right place. You can create images with canvas. It is a free tool to create beautiful images.

6. Internal Linking

Internal linking is good for SEO and internal link also boost your blog post SEO very quickly and it will help you to increase your pageviews and also increase web sessions. So link your other post and page to every blog post.

7. External Linking

External linking also is a very good trick to increase your website values and helps to increase website DA. So try to link the valuable and good quality website content to your blog post and pages. If you refer to the high DA website to your post then it increases the chance to get a link back from these websites.

8.Produce High Readable Content

Try to write good readable content then it may help you to increase engagement time and may decrease your website Bounce rate. If your site bounce rate decreases then your site rank will be getting high day by day and may increase your site traffic. So write your blog post in very easy English and try to use short sentences. 

9. Use Good Article Rewriter

In some times you may face problems producing content regularly then here is an option you may use to create high-quality content from any website. You can use our article rewriter tool to create good quality content within a second. 

I will recommend you before rewrite content you should pick good quality content from the different websites not from only one website and arrange the content according to your needs then put the arranged article to the article rewriter tool then can produce good quality content very easily.

10. Check Plagiarism before Publish

After creating a unique article through the article rewrite tool you should check the content once for plagiarism. You can check the content plagiarism through our free plagiarism checker tool. This tool is totally free to use and use for 24 hours without any limitations. 

After checkup content then you should check the content manually for any error or for any miss-spelled. if you found anything wrong then correct it manually after that publish the content.







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